Checkout What ‘The Mighty Ducks’ Stars Look Like Now

Though Emilio Estevez didn't fade from the spotlight after The Mighty Ducks, he didn't have a straightforward path to success like his brother Charlie Sheen; drifting in and out of the spotlight. However, he was in the 2012 TV movie Abominable Christmas and he's currently filming The Public with big-name co-star Aubrey Plaza.

The Coolest TV Characters to Ever Be on Screen

“Say my name,” and “I’m the one who knocks!” These famous lines are forever seared into viewers memories by no other than THE Walter White played by Bryan Cranston. He’s up there as one of the coolest actors of our time and he’s provided many memorable moments as he has played both serious and comedic roles on TV.

Why Billie Eilish Went Vegan

One reason is poop. 

Heartwarming Tweets About Cats That Prove How Ridiculous They Are

They say that dogs are man’s best friend and although this may be true, there are plenty of animal lovers out there that prefer cats. Personally, I love both. I mean, who can imagine living their lives without their fluffy companions? We’ve made the case for cats and just how cute they are in these top heartwarming Tweets about cats that prove just how ridiculous and cute they really are. 

Walt Disney’s Low Points in Life Will Inspire You

It wasn’t all fairytales and happy endings for the famous Walt Disney. The legendary founder of the Walt Disney Company, the one who brought so much joy to children, faced his fair share of failures. Walt’s uphill battles started when he was fired from the Kansas City Star paper. The reason? He was told that “he lacked imagination and had no good ideas.” It’s hard to believe, but supposedly his Mickey Mouse cartoons were deemed too scary for women. He was also rejected when proposing “The Three Little Pigs” because he had too few characters (we guess four characters wasn’t enough back then).

Celebrities Who Became Real Life Superheroes

It was just a normal day for Ryan Gosling. He was going about his business walking down 6th Avenue in Manhattan when all of a sudden, he spotted a woman obliviously about to walk into oncoming traffic. There was a reason for this too, the woman was British and was looking the wrong way! Gosling grabbed her by the arm and told her to watch out. The Internet melted, and memes were made of the incident. Come to find out, the woman was a journalist and wrote about her experience for Gawker. She tried to downplay the entire incident and said that she was sure another girl standing next to her would’ve helped too if Gosling wasn’t there. We guess some people aren’t that impressed with celebrity heroes.

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