Australians Are Worried About the Way Tom Hanks Eats His Vegemite

Tom Hanks is, without a doubt, one most beloved actors our his generation. It's a shame that he caught Covid-19 in the midst of all the hysteria. Luckily, Tom found himself in Australia as he quarantined himself as he recovered from the deadly virus. It's a beautiful country with warm people living in it. It's just overall, a great place to get stuck in. But, Australian hospitality, can be shaken a bit. In one of Instagram posts, Tom Hanks decided to share his gratitude to the country that served as his home for the past couple of months. He posted an Australian-themed picture with a stuffed kangaroo holding the Australian flag, a tube of Vegemite, and two slices of toast with a generous helping of Vegemite. In the post, he said, "Thanks to the Helpers. Let’s take care of ourselves and each other. Hanx" But instead of good vibes and well wishes, Australians began freaking out about how much Vegemite was on his toast. You see, Vegemite has quite a strong salty taste. Most Australians only use a dab of it on their toasts because of this. So, imagine their surprise when they saw the actor's breakfast. Some tried to be helpful to the beloved actor. They gave sound advice and tried to steer him away from that first bite. "The secret to Vegemite toast is 1/3 vegemite to 2/3 butter maximum," one comment said. There are quite a few people, however, that were a bit more on the critical side. They called the meal, "disgusting". Others thought it was "nasty". But, ultimately, how Tom enjoys his toast is his business. If he likes it with a generous helping of Vegemite, then he's got every right to that. The guy, after all, just recovered from a life-threatening disease. 

James Franco’s Impressive Net Worth and His Even More Unbelievable Academic Achievements

Let's face it, actors aren't usually associated with the words academically inclined. And if you've seen James Franco's body of work that includes Pineapple Express and the controversial comedy about the North Korean dictator, The Interview, you wouldn't second guess that the actor's interests fall far from books and intellectual pursuits.

Gigi Hadid’s Potatogate

Fries are probably one of the most popular foods in the world. The great thing about it is that we just instinctively know how to eat it and what to eat it with. So, if you eat your fries with utensils like a fork or even chopsticks, or you enjoy them with ketchup, mayo, or mustard, you'll be sure that there are plenty of people who do the exact same thing as you.

Kim Kardashian’s Throwback Prom Photo Has the Internet Abuzz

With hindsight comes clarity. With the picture that Kim Kardashian West's perfume company shared on its Instagram page, it's pretty clear that the celebrity entrepreneur is one timelessly gorgeous lady. The Instagram post was a 1996 dated Polaroid shot of Kim and her mom on what looks like prom night. And boy, do they both look like they didn't age at all. While there are a lot of people who just loathe their prom photos because of an unfortunate fashion choice. Kim's photo just looks plain stunning.  Although it's important to note that her updo might not have worked in today's fashion scene. People still flocked to the post to share their positive vibes on the post. “Omg she was so beautiful, she is beautiful now but back (then) she was another person,” said one commenter. Most of us tend to agree.

Say “Goodbye” To Fad Diets Forever With Intuitive Eating

For the longest time, fad diets have been a go-to solution for those hoping to quickly lose some extra pounds without exerting too much effort. Though health experts constantly warn the public against these diets, this hasn’t really stopped people from trying them out.

Best Breakup Songs Ever

The song that defined Simon's music career, "You're So Vain" has quite the backstory. Many still wonder who the guy in the song Simon thinks is "so vain." And many think the answer is ex-boyfriend Warren Beaty. Simon acknowledges an ex-lover in a famous verse, but many also speculate that it could be about Mick Jagger or even writer Nicholas Delbanco.

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