Celeb Couples Who Met On Blind Dates

We just can’t get enough of celebrity couples, and some of the most fun comes in learning how they hit it off.

Star Wars – 5 Dorky and Adorable Photos Before the Fame

Harrison Ford has had a long and successful career whether you associate him with Han Solo or Indiana Jones, he's portrayed plenty of iconic characters over the years. However, he had humble beginnings growing up in Illinois then attending Ripon College in Wisconsin. There he actually decided first to study drama to get over his shyness, which he obviously did successfully, moving to LA and signing a contract with Columbia Pictures after his graduation.

These are the Most Beloved Couples from TV Shows

Who could forget the cute coming of age series of Boy Meets World? It was obvious from the start that our lead Cory Matthews was going to end up with Topanga Lawrence. It wasn't a smooth ride but that's what makes their relationship so much stronger.

These Celebs Graduated From Yale

News anchors are usually well-educated people. Keeping abreast of what's going in the world, after all, is not something that's easy to do. So it's not so difficult to believe that CNN's Anderson Cooper is a well-educated individual from the prestigious Yale University. What is truly surprising is that instead of journalism or broadcasting, he focused his energies on getting a political science degree.

Lorde’s Strange Fascination with Onion Rings

As a burgeoning pop star, you'd probably want to be visible to your fans on social media. These days, staying relevant is the name of the game, and you'd need to play it to win it. So, when news of a secret Instagram account of Lorde's broke out, entertainment news outlets went ballistic.

This Celebrity is Smarter Than You Think

Not many people assume celebrities to be very bright. I mean, they’re just actors, socialites, musicians, and sometimes their roles on-screen muddy their true selves so it can be hard to tell just how smart some of these celebs are. People need to take a class and educate themselves on the fact that not all celebs are dumb. There are actually quite a lot of celebrities that are smarter than us. IQ is used as a standard score to indicate how smart someone is, and on average people score between 85 to 115. Only about 5 percent of the total population gets above a score of 125. Natalie Portman is one of these people. Let’s take a look at how smart she truly is!

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