New Superfoods You (Probably) Haven't Tried Yet

Chia seeds? Kale? Acai berry? The are no longer new superfoods, so last year. There are some new names on the superfood block for 2016. Rich in vitamins and minerals, these new ingredients were worth the time it took the Western world to discover them.

With the New Year starting, we’ll see many new superfoods on our plates. How many have you tried?

New Superfoods: Sacha Inchi Seeds

New Superfoods 2016 Sacha Inchi

Sacha Inchi, pronounced SA-CHA IN-CHI – This delicious Incan snack is grown in the highlands of the Peruvian rain forest and was used for several thousands of years. Try lightly roasted seeds to give them a crunchy nutty flavor.

Health Benefits:¬†Sacha Inchi seeds are rich in omega-3 acids and proteins, which are essential for our health, hair and skin, as our bodies can’t naturally produce them. They are also rich in Iodine, vitamin A and vitamin E. Sacha inchi can help lower LDL and raise HDL cholesterol level. It is often consumed as a weight loss remedy due to its high serotonin level, which regulates our appetites. Their anti-inflammatory nature helps with joint pains and rheumatoid arthritis.

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