Meditation: Nine of the Most Amazing Benefits

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Meditation. It conjures up images of serene yogis in white flowing linen robes, sitting absolutely still for hours upon hours, barely moving, and opening their eyes (finally) to announce that they finally understand all the secrets of the universe. Meditation can look like a lot of things – the former definitely being one of them – but in its essence, it is the practice of stilling your mind in the hopes of tuning into yourself.

Read on to discover the health benefits of taking some meditation! But first, what is meditation, really? Well, it can be a lot of things. In its simplest form, it is the practice of taking a bit of time – 5 minutes is enough – to try to quiet your mind, relax, de-stress, and energize yourself. People often do this by sitting on the floor, with their backs straight, eyes shut, and a thought to focus on for about five minutes. There are many more ways to practice meditation – we encourage you to explore what works for you!

Read through for some of the most compelling reasons to practice meditation, plus, a video to guide you simply and easily at the end!

Meditation can lower your stress levels!

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