Could You Follow Dwayne Johnson’s Crazy Diet?

As you can probably imagine, this certified buff hottie has a rigid workout routine.  But what about the diet that feeds his enviable bod? 

The importance of lean protein

When The Rock’s in muscle-building mode, he sometimes eats a massive 52 ounces of animal-based protein every day, and one of his top options is fish.  

A whopping amount of white rice

Usually, you hear fitness gurus avoiding the evils of simple carbs like white rice, but Johnson doesn’t shy away from carbs. When he was training for the film Hercules, his team created “The 12 Labors Diet,” which included 5.5 cups of white rice per day. 

One dozen egg whites 

Could You Follow Dwayne Johnsons Crazy Diet?

The Rock electrifies his morning with a modest serving of two eggs, but he enjoys a massive ten egg-white omelet for dinner.  

Desserts for cheat day

The Rock is loyal to his rigid diet, but he can’t always resist his sweet tooth cravings. That explains why his cheat meals include junk food and desserts.

Sushi with cream cheese

Could You Follow Dwayne Johnsons Crazy Diet?

When Johnson diets for a month, his cheat days include an indulgence of sushi with a huge dollop of cream cheese.  

Banana chocolate chip pancakes are his favorite

The Rock’s classic favorite cheat day meal is banana and chocolate chip pancakes.  He can’t help taking a picture of this yummy meal and sharing them with his millions of Instagram followers.

A gigantic plate of subs

Could You Follow Dwayne Johnsons Crazy Diet?

Speaking of cheat meals, The Rock can easily get through two footlong baguettes loaded with generous slices of turkey and cheese with curly lettuce, heirloom tomatoes, and onions. 

Generous with the grains

While Johnson’s muscle-building diet is protein-packed, it still includes plenty of grains! His meal plan includes six servings of cream of rice or two cups of oatmeal,  two cups of brown rice, three rice cakes, one cup of grits, and one cup of barley every day.  

5-7 meals a day

The Rock has to eat heartily to maintain his impressive bulk. Five to seven meals a day are normal, each one including at least 6-10 ounces of protein, a cup of veggies, and a cup of grains or a baked potato.

Sweet potatoes 

Could You Follow Dwayne Johnsons Crazy Diet?

Whether he’s bulking up or cutting down, The Rock makes sure he eats plenty of baked sweet potatoes with a sprinkle of cinnamon and some liquid Stevia extract.


To nourish his body with extra nutrition, The Rock consumes 4-6 scoops of Optimum Nutrition’s Amino Energy following his morning cardio. After breakfast and his second daily workout, he’ll take 60 grams of Optimum’s Platinum Hydrowhey protein and 15 grams of glutamine.