“Former Chicago Resident” Description for Barack Obama in “The Last Dance” Sent Twitter Users Into Fit

You’re probably familiar with Barack Obama as the 44th president of the United States. According to some Twitter users, the makers of the highly watched docu-series The Last Dance, however, probably need to be reminded of this.

In one episode, the former president was interviewed about the Chicago Bulls’ last 1997-1998 season. But it wasn’t anything that Obama said or did that earned the documentary its notoriety for some people, it’s in the way the editors referred to the former president as a “Former Chicago Resident”

To be fair to the documentary, Obama’s point of view was only really relevant to the topic because he was indeed a simple Chicago resident during that season. Former president Bill Clinton also got a similar treatment because the documentary referred to him as “Former Arkansas Governor” which he was in 1997-1998.

But still, some Twitter users threw a fit because of this supposed lack of respect for the former president. One user said, “I damn near fainted.”