You’d Never Think Johnny Depp Would Collect Barbies, but He Does

Johnny Depp’s Fascinating Doll Collection

Johnny Depp has always gravitated towards peculiar roles such as Edward Scissorhands, Captain Jack Sparrow, The Mad Hatter, and a ton of other characters. But, did you know that Johnny Depp himself, is a peculiar character in real life?

He’s an avid collector of a lot of different categories of things. As a movie star, one of his more common collection are props from his movies. He wants to give them to his grandchildren when the time comes. One of his more unusual collections is that of the belongings of the famous author Jack Kerouac. Weirded out yet? Well, it gets even more peculiar because he has also accumulated an impressive collection of insects and animal skeletons. However, one of the most head-scratching things he collects is Barbie dolls.

The origins of his Barbie doll collection doesn’t seem too strange. He played with Barbie dolls with his daughter when she was younger. He even credits this activity with the creation of some of the characters he’s come up with on film. It would be interesting to match which particular Barbie doll models inspired which characters of his. But, she eventually outgrew her Barbie dolls. Naturally, Johnny was left with an impressive collection. It just so happens that a lot of them were collectible versions of the famous line of dolls.

As he got more involved with collecting, he began seeking out more specialized dolls. He was particularly drawn to dolls made in the image of other celebrities. His collection includes the likes of Beyonce and the rest of Destiny’s Child members, Elvis, New Kids on the Block, and the entire cast of the High School Musical. Some of the items on his collection are extremely rare and must have taken a lot of doing just to acquire. With the work that goes into researching, not to mention the amount of money that these dolls usually costs, you just know that Johnny is a serious doll collector.

He even gets into the nitty-gritty details of the dolls. When Lindsay Lohan was going through her infamous rebellious phase, for example, he even got his Lindsay Lohan doll a matching ankle bracelet.

It’s a strange collection but, Johnny Depp was never one for conformity. So, in a way, we’re not too surprised at this strange hobby of his. Other collectors have even weirder collections. So, if Johnny wants to accumulate more limited edition dolls, more power to him!