What Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez Eat Regularly to Stay Fit, According to Their Personal Chef

Eggs. Lots of it. Also turkey bacon and greens. Those are musts. 

Kevin Fernandez has worked as a personal chef for the power couple for two years and shared exactly what they eat to keep their figures. 

According to Fernandez, “consistency” is key in terms of the couple’s diet. To make this happen, their team made sure the couple’s fridge was always stocked with the right stuff. 

“The most important thing is that the pantry is always stocked, the fridge is always stocked,” said Fernandez. 

“[Their team] know what they eat on a regular basis, so there’s always eggs, there’s always healthy, healthy snacks and there’s always your junk snacks for the kids.” Fernandez added that “[They have] sparkling water, always fruits and vegetables, like strawberries, even though Jennifer is not a big fruit person. The kids love their fresh berries.” 

Fernandez shared that the couple always started their day with a green juice. This usually contains green veggies such as cucumber, spinach and celery. Their breakfast staples usually included eggs and turkey bacon.

“Eggs is always the biggest one. Turkey bacon is always the biggest one…They love chicken and apple sausage in the morning, turkey bacon is a must at all times and fresh egg whites. We break eggs throughout the entire week.”

Fernandez shares that the family is also a fan of Mexican food, especially tacos. “They love taco day. It could be Tuesday, it could be Wednesday, it could be Thursday, it doesn’t matter.” The family would usually indulge in Mexican food in the latter part of the day, such as for dinner.