Hailey Baldwin Has The Weirdest Skin Care Secret


Celebrity skincare treatments are the cause of much interest for all of us who wish to have their flawless features, if only we could afford them. While many treatments are out of our reach, Hailey Baldwin’s is so outlandish that we aren’t even sure if we would try it even if we could! The cream she uses costs $1400, and it has a secret ingredient: her own blood. That’s right, Hailey gets a cream that is specially infused with her blood to stay moisturized. As a supermodel married to Justin Bieber, we would expect nothing less! Hailey told PopSugar, “I’m obsessed with skincare,” and she explained, “When I’m traveling, I’m always moisturizing—I use all of [dermatologist] Barbara Sturm’s products.” These products include glow serums and masks as well as the MC1 Blood Moisturizer. You need to go to Dr. Sturm’s office in Germany in person in order to get the cream made, and Sturm will separate the plasma, let it incubate to give it extra effectiveness and turn it into a cream with shea butter.

“I love that weird blood cream,” Hailey said, and she is definitely aware of how strange it is. “It is fascinating to me, and it works,” she continued, “I’m a nerd about the science of skincare and health, so for me, I’m like, ‘This is so cool!’” The idea is that the plasma reduces inflammation and allows tissues to heal better. The jury is still out there on how well it works, but Hailey definitely swears by it. Considering she is only 23, though, it may just be her youth that makes her skin so perfect, so let’s see how the years and married life do their work before we can call the blood cream a total success.