Celebrities Who Love Cats More Than Humans

Humans have always had loving relationships with their pets, but in modern times things have definitely become extreme. We are a society that has become flat out obsessed with our animals, with cats being especially lionized. 

Celebrities have definitely gotten into that obsession too, and their cats have become famous along with them. Let’s take a look at which stars are as cat obsessed as the rest of us.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is one of the biggest stars today, and in addition to her music and personal life, her cats have gotten a lot of attention as well as she shows them off on social media.

She is completely devoted to the three cats she has at the moment, whose names are Benjamin Button, Meredith Grey, and Olivia Benson. With names like that, you just know she’s cat crazy. 

Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran is another musical talent who is smitten for kittens. His cats Calippo and Dorito can be found on Instagram, and he loves showing off his furry felines.

Celebrities Who Love Cats More Than Humans

His cats have quite a following, and fans get to see how cute and silly they can be. He’s so close with his cats that you might wonder which of his songs could be about them!


Macklemore only has one cat named Cairo, but he dotes on this kitty like nothing else in his life. He even said that Cairo helped his marriage through a tough time, as his pregnant wife had only Cairo to keep her company while Macklemore was touring.

Celebrities Who Love Cats More Than Humans

Cairo’s instagram shows how well Macklemore treats his cat, living a life of luxury with high end fresh cat food. In the gangsta rap days, a rapper whose life revolved around a cat would have been unthinkable, so it shows how much the world has changed!