These Celebrities Spent There Young Days as Cheerleaders

Meryl Streep

There’s a consensus among actors that Meryl Streep is indeed one fo the greatest that ever lived. But, did you know that her skills aren’t strictly for the silver screen? She was also a talented cheerleader in the 1960s. She did it for the New Jersey-based, Bernards High School. 

While enrolled at the high school, she also dabbled in plays which is probably where the acting bug bit her. However, it’s only when she got to Vassar College when she really got into acting seriously.

Sandra Bullock

You may remember how her character rolled her eyes because of the revealing outfits she had to wear at for the hit movie Miss Congeniality but did you know that she used to proudly wear the cheerleading uniform and baton as a high school student in Virginia? 

These Celebrities Spent There Young Days as Cheerleaders

In a 2015 interview, she confesses that she still owns the same cheerleading uniform she wore back then.

Alicia Silverstone

In Clueless, she famously played the popular girl Cher. And in a lot of ways, Alicia Silverstone’s real-life kind of resembled that of Cher’s. She’s beautiful and has been popular since she was a child. She signed her first modeling deal at just 6 years old has been a teen icon since she was 16.

These Celebrities Spent There Young Days as Cheerleaders

She was constantly featured in music videos for the best bands such as Aerosmith. She also served as a cheerleader for her high school teams, the Bearcats.


Megan Fox

As a child, Megan Fox was mostly an athlete. She competed as a swimmer and as a dancer. It’s probably this athletic background that made the choice to become a cheerleader in highs school an easy one of her. She already had the body to take on the physical demands of the job.

These Celebrities Spent There Young Days as Cheerleaders

As fate would have it, she would play a possessed cheerleader who ate men for sustenance in the movie Jennifer’s Body later on in her young career.