These Celebs Have Insane Historical Ancestors

George Clooney & Abraham Lincoln

It’s not difficult to imagine that the actor, who’s outspoken about his advocacies and his politics has ties with another well-known political figure, none other than Abraham Lincoln. They have a special connection through Lucy Hanks.

Lucy Hanks was Honest Abe’s grandmother. This makes George Clooney his half first cousin five times removed. We’re thinking this can’t be a coincidence and that Clooney should consider running for office in the near future just like his famous ancestor.

Johnny Depp & Queen Elizabeth II

Johnny Depp’s handsome face makes it easy to believe that he comes from royalty. But when you learn about his career and personal struggles, you’d think that he’s not that kingly or majestic. He has a bad-boy persona that’s unbecoming of a modern royal.

These Celebs Have Insane Historical Ancestors

But, the truth is, there is some royal blood coursing through his veins. He and Queen Elizabeth II share a great-grandfather. This would make the Grindelwald actor the 20th cousin of the Queen of England,

Robert Pattinson & Vlad the Impaler

Call it fate or destiny or what-have-you but, did you know that Robert Pattinson, famous for playing the vampire Edward Cullen in the Twilight movies is actually related to the progenitor of vampires Dracula himself? But to be clear, it’s the historical Vlad III Dracula or otherwise known as Vlad the Impaler, not the fictional character that Bram Stoker created. 

These Celebs Have Insane Historical Ancestors

Robert’s English ancestors actually intermarried with the Romanian leader’s descendants. This makes Robert more a Dracula that we originally thought. This makes his casting as the lovestruck vampire in Twilight a more inspired choice.