Blake Lively Pokes Fun at Her Own Met Gala Gowns

We probably won’t be seeing the stars strut their stuff at the fabulous Met Gala this year, but that doesn’t mean fashionistas don’t have anything to talk about. Thankfully, the internet houses a rich collection of photos from previous years of the Met Gala to keep fans sated for their fashion fix at least for this year.

Blake Lively, for example, just posted a glimpse into her Met Gala ensembles of the past. Specifically, the ones from 2016 to 2018. What makes these gowns so special you ask? Well, they’ve got a certain kind of compatibility with that particular year’s carpet color scheme. There’s also an arguable sameness with the specific designs of the carpet and her gowns.

Blake, known for her wit, poked fun at this by captioning her photos, “When the carpet matches the Blakes”. Naturally, commenters who are equally gifted with wit chimed in. “How far in advance do you have to tell Anna [Wintour] what color to make the carpet?” said supermodel Gigi Hadid.

The Met Gala may not be happening soon but we’re pretty sure that Blake’s going to keep the fashion industry in good spirits with her humor in the time being.