3 Things We Know About Jennifer Lopez’s New Album “This is Me… Now”

Almost a decade since the release of her last studio album, Jennifer Lopez is finally coming back for more! She announced the release of her ninth LP This Is Me… Now this past week, but what can we expect from this record once it hits the shelves next year?

Spiritual Successor

If the name of this record sounds familiar, that’s not a coincidence. This Is Me… Now serves as the spiritual successor to her album This Is Me… Then, which produced one of her biggest hits “Jenny from the Block”. To make the whole thing even better, its announcement coincides with the 20th anniversary of the original album.

Emotional Journey

When it comes to the themes that Lopez will explore with this album, she’ll focus on the “emotional, spiritual, and psychological journey she has taken over the past two decades.” Both albums are inspired by her relationship with Ben Affleck and she wants to use the lyrics to address misconceptions and rumors about her life and relationships. 

Tracklist and Release Date

This Is Me… Now still doesn’t have an official release date, but it’s expected to hit the shelves in 2023. J. Lo shared a full tracklist on social media, which features a total of 13 tracks, including a sequel to the ballad “Dear Ben” titled “Dear Ben Pt. II”.