The True Stories Behind Taylor Swift’s Songs

Part of what makes Taylor Swift’s songs so easy to connect with is that they are written from her personal experiences. Oftentimes, she leaves some pretty big hints for fans to find out who they are about, and sometimes people come forward to take credit for the inspiration. Let’s take at the true stories behind our favorite Taylor Swift songs.

Picture To Burn 

We know that this song is about Taylor’s teenage boyfriend Jordan Alford, her classmate who she was with as a freshman in high school. More information came out when his wife Chelsea discussed their relationship. Chelsea had a good attitude about the song, saying that her and her husband found it to be “kind of funny” and “cool,” and she said of Swift, “We exchanged a few words over a locker fight. We were 14, we were just being girly, snarky.”

The True Stories Behind Taylor Swifts Songs

Should’ve Said No

Taylor’s fans know all about the hidden messages she puts in the liner notes by capitalizing letters in the lyrics. If you look at the lyrics for “Should’ve Said No,” you’ll see the capital letter spell out “SAM SAM SAM SAM SAM.” That Sam is a boy named Sam Amrstrong who Taylor dated in high school, only for him to cheat on her. 

The True Stories Behind Taylor Swifts Songs

Love Story

“Love Story” is not about a guy she dated, but rather about a guy she came close to dating. However, it was doomed when she introduced him to her family and friends. “They all said they didn’t like him. All of them!” Swift said. This gave her an interesting angle to approach the song from, that of forbidden love. “For the first time, I could relate to that Romeo-and-Juliet situation where the only people who wanted them to be together were them,” she said.

The True Stories Behind Taylor Swifts Songs