A Look Inside Kim Kardashian’s Closet

With the combination of huge levels of wealth, materialism, and beauty, you would expect that Kim Kardashian’s closet is more like a department store than any closet you have seen. That is correct, as you can see in the picture here. This clearly just shows the tip of the iceberg of her closet, as all you see are shoes and purses! You can only imagine how big the rest of the space is, and just what insane amounts of clothing and accessories that it holds. What else would you expect from a Kardashian, and especially one married to Kanye West?

When Kim posted this pic on Instagram, she wrote “Fittings” as the caption as she showed off her form fitting dress. She may have seen herself as the subject of the image, but fans were more entranced by her closet. She got many comments remarking how it looked more like a store than a closet, and how her closet is larger than many homes. They certainly make some good points. This photo definitely gives us some hardcore closet envy, not to mention wardrobe envy.