The Kardashian-Jenner Stylist and His Enviable Morning Routine

There are 5 Kardashian sisters in total and there’s one lucky hairstylist getting them all ready in the morning – that’s Andrew Fitzsimons. The young hairstylist shares that it’s a difficult but rewarding job. “I’m generally bouncing around the houses in the morning getting everybody ready, so that’s basically what it is. I’ll show up, and I’ll go to Khloé’s house. We’ll have some coffee, we’ll spill the tea. It’s basically just laughing for an hour and a half and kiki-ing with friends,” he confesses.

“And they all have kinds of different things going on and different schedules, so everything usually just falls into place and I’m bouncing around Calabasas all day, every day, getting everybody ready,” he continues. In a way, it’s not really a job for him as he’s having fun even when the situation is stressful.

He also gives us the scoop on how he got to start working with the famous family in the first place. He volunteered to do a young up-and-comer model for her test shoot in New York City. It turned out to be one of the Kardashian-Jenner siblings, Kendall. It was a career-making look for the young model. From there, the two kept working together to make some of the most iconic looks in recent fashion history.

One of those looks is at the 2015 Met Gala which is often touted as the event that really put Kendall on the map as a legitimate supermodel. The lusciously straight and simple hairstyle complemented of the flamboyant green Calvin Klein dress perfectly. In that event, two careers were made. Jenner’s and Andrew Fitzsimons’.

It was also at that moment, Andrew confesses, that he decided to take his stylist-to-the-stars business seriously.