Why Jack Black Has the Best Celeb Tik Tok

We are living in unprecedented times and you could say that with the coronavirus outbreak, many of us are forced to stay at home. Many people are bored out of their minds and do not know what to do, but celebrities have taken to TikTok to provide us with entertainment. Recently, Jack Black, the 50-year old actor, brought the energy and made a shirtless video of himself. He was only wearing a cowboy hat, boots, and shorts, and made a real splash.

The video had the hashtags #reallifeathome and #distancedance and was captioned “Quarantine Dance.” The TikTok video received an astonishing 1.8 million views and the actor was trending on Twitter. With all this free time celebs seem to be coming up with new inventive ways to provide fans with entertainment. Jack Black may be on to something with the Quarantine Dance and we’ll see if other famous celebrities will soon follow!