Michael Jordan’s Second Career: a Meme

It can be a complicated life as a meme. Some who have already been famous become memes, and for the most part, it’s not that bad! Memes are a part of the culture and it’s interesting to see how Michael Jordan has famously became known for his Crying meme and many others. The Internet loves MJ and the memes are always in good taste.

It’s been up for debate amongst the basketball world, “who is the greatest basketball player to ever step foot on the court?” Michael Jordan takes this top pick and is forever remembered as a star player for the Chicago Bulls. He was the definition of greatness and no one could stop him on the court, and after his retirement, many wondered what he would do. Many cried tears after realizing they wouldn’t be able to see MJ play anymore, and instead, tears are exactly what MJ is known for now, as he so famously has become THE Crying Jordan meme. He even jokes about it himself and said so most recently when he gave a heartfelt eulogy for the late Kobe Bryant. MJ is also famous for playing himself in the 90s classic “Space Jam” and there are tons of quality memes out there of the star.