Jennifer Lawrence Isn’t Afraid To Laugh At Her Public Image

Life can be rough as a celebrity. Wait? Say that again? Oh right, having people idolize you, making millions upon millions of dollars for having fun, being creative, and not to mention having everything come easy to you. Unfortunately, living life in the limelight isn’t what it’s all made out to be and celebrities are constantly dealing with scrutiny from all angles. You’ve got the paparazzi in your face and you’re always put on the spot. Like living your life under a microscope. There are ups and downs that come with being a celebrity and it’s crucial to learn how to go with the flow, laugh, and brush things off. Fortunately for Jennifer Lawrence, she doesn’t seem to miss a beat and can roll with the punches and take things with a grain of salt.

And that’s why we all love Jennifer Lawrence. She’s up there with one of the most grounded and down to earth people in Hollywood. Making fun of herself while filming or just out on the town is the norm, and it comes naturally. During The Hunger Games, she poked fun at herself most of the time, and she’s even mentioned being bored to death doing cover shoots and likened it to what’d it be like to go on a date with her, although many would certainly disagree. Not much bothers her or gets in her way when dealing with the press, and although she’s had some slip-ups, tripping over things and being a general clutz, she takes it in stride and has an endearing sense of humor. Confessing to awkwardness and clumsy behavior is loveable, and Jennifer Lawrence takes the cake. Many adore her not just for her talent but for her honesty and how relatable she is. It’s refreshing to watch Jennifer both on and off-screen.