Why You Should Stop Eating Sugar, Right Now

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Nutritional science is a constantly evolving process that keeps getting tweaked as we discover what works and what doesn’t. For a long time we fought against fat, meat, butter, and carbs. These days, we’re talking about sugar.

Sugar, in its natural form, is harmless and found in many of the whole foods we eat. When it gets refined and added into our foods in excess amounts, however, it begins to become a problem. Here’s 10 of the best reasons to cut down on your sugar intake, and some great ideas to replace it at the end!

The first reason is…

sugar fructose

Added sugar contains a very high amount of fructose. Sugar is generally comprised of glucose and fructose. Glucose is essential to our diet, but fructose isn’t, and most of it converts into fat. Since our liver is the only organ that can process fructose, when we consume too much of it, we also risk overworking our livers.

It can contribute to high blood pressure.

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