Timothee Chalamet’s Pantry is the Weirdest Thing You’ll See

Timothee Chalamet is one of Hollywood’s most sought-after stars right now, but he’s no ordinary star who likes updating his fans on the latest happenings in his life. On the contrary, he rarely posts photos of himself on his social media accounts. So when he does post something in his accounts, his fans eat it up.

This was the case when he recently posted an uncaptioned photo of his pantry on his Instagram. Fans are baffled about the post. For one thing, it’s not like one of those posts of glamourous vacations usually seen in the social media platform.

His Pantry Isn’t Like That of Most Stars

The contents were a weird combination of Easy Kraft Mac, honey, a collection of canned soup, and a box of Triscuits. What’s truly weird about it is that it has earned more than 1.5 million likes within not even 24 hours of being posted.

Timothee Chalamets Pantry is the Weirdest Thing Youll See

Perhaps its Timothee’s mysterious aura, but fans seem to suggest that there’s a cryptic message hidden within the post. “I wanna know what you’re thinking,” one comment read.

His Fans Don’t Mind His Bizarre Pantry

On the other hand, other fans were more than happy that the star posted anything at all. It’s important to note that Timothee hasn’t posted anything for a full 2 months before this weird pantry photo came up on his Instagram account. “This picture is a masterpiece thank you for sharing your beautiful pantry,” one appreciative fan wrote.

Timothee Chalamets Pantry is the Weirdest Thing Youll See

Some of the others urged him to post more. “Nice photo. Make sure to flip the camera around to your face next time! And keep it that way!” wrote one commenter.