Here's How to Stop Craving Unhealthy Food

It’s a tale as old as time. You decide to get healthy. You’ve picked out all the recipes, cleared your pantry of the snacks, and have packed a healthy lunch. As you sit down at work, a little voice starts whispering in your head, “Peanut M&Ms….Peanut M&Ms…” over and over again. You try to push the thought away, but it persists, until finally, you give up, go down the hall and buy a bag of them from the vending machine.

How do you stop that kind of thinking? There has to be some way to convince yourself that you don’t need the junk food, or even better, stop your brain from demanding it in the first place.

We’ve done some research, and come up with some great, practical solutions to help you say NO when your brain is saying YES. We’ve also collected some of the most indulgent tasting, good for you recipes we could find, so you can replace that unhealthy treat with something that’s full of nutrition.

You need to stay hydrated!

junk food water

The first thing we suggest is to keep hydrated. Our bodies often confuse hunger and thirst, and many times, a craving can be quelled by sipping a glass of cool water. The craving may subside after you’ve quenched your thirst.

Try to figure out why you’re craving food, in the first place.

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