How to Stay Healthy at Work

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Many of us live in the 9-5 grind. Every day we sit at our computers from the early morning to mid-afternoon. How is this affecting our health, and what can we do to stay healthy at work?

We’ve put together some of our best suggestions for how to stay healthy at work, even if you’re staring at a computer all day! But first, why is sitting for so long so bad for you? Sitting for prolonged periods of time has been shown to be detrimental to our health – it puts you at an increased risk of muscular skeletal disorders, obesity, diabetes, cancer, and heart disease.

Sitting at a desk often leads to us slouching, which is terrible for our backs. Fight the unhealthy effects of a sedentary office by moving as much as possible, whether at work or at home.

Here are some tips to combat the negative effects of office work!

Want to stay healthy at work? Mind your diet!

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