These Rappers Love To Get Busy In The Kitchen


Rappers don’t just enjoy showing off their skills rapping over dope beats, but they also like to show off in the kitchen too as they cook up some dope eats. 

Seeing these rappers in the kitchen shows us a fun side of them that we don’t usually get to see. Take a look at which hip hop artists are as gifted with thyme as they are with rhyme.

Snoop Dogg

Among Snoop Dogg’s many great collaborators over the years is Martha Stewart. He went on her show in 2008 to make mashed potatoes.

These Rappers Love To Get Busy In The Kitchen

While Snoop learned some cooking tips from Martha, she got to learn slang from him. He came back to the show a year later to bake some brownies.

Rev Run

Joseph Simmons was the Run in Run DMC, and now that he is Reverend Run, in addition to being an actual minister, he also loves to cook and launched his own show called Rev Run’s Sunday Suppers. 

These Rappers Love To Get Busy In The Kitchen

Run’s show can be found on the Cooking Channel, and it’s a great way for fans to get into cooking, as well as for him to share what he loves as he cooks a variety of things. 

DJ Paul

DJ Paul’s success in music had a side effect. As a crucial member of Tennessee group Three 6 Mafia, he found great success and even won an Oscar. However, he had to spend a lot of time away from home, and the west coast’s barbecue scene is definitely below par. 

These Rappers Love To Get Busy In The Kitchen

As a public service, DJ Paul decided to make his own barbecue sauce and seasoning brand called DJ Paul BBQ, and he has a Youtube channel along with it. When he went on Famous Food with fellow Three 6 Mafia member Juicy J, they won first place.

Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj once tweeted, “Cooking is just as important as sex. U don’t have to do it all the time but he should crave yours. It’s about bonding & a connection.” She also tweeted “Women who can’t cook shld b ashamed lol.”

These Rappers Love To Get Busy In The Kitchen

While that may be a little extreme, it is nice to know she cares and hailing from Trinidad and Tobago, Nicki has some local specials up her sleeve. She has put a recipe for West Indian seafood on Twitter, and also likes to make curry.