Margot Robbie Is A Legit Tattoo Artist


Margot Robbie has many talents beyond acting, and one of them is as a tattoo artist. When she was filming Suicide Squad, she even gave a tattoo to her co-star Cara Delevingne, and she has given tattoos to other cast members on shoots since then. The most exciting opportunity came when she gave a tattoo on live television!

It was on The Graham Norton Show on a panel with stars including Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford that the topic of her skill came up, and Ford jokingly showed interest in getting a tattoo. He backed down when push came to shove, but one of the show’s crewmembers actually took Robbie up on the offer of getting one. It was a hilarious episode, especially when Robbie expressed her doubts, saying “I actually haven’t done one in a while,” and “I’m probably more nervous than you are.”