Leo Compliments HBO’s Teen Drama Euphoria

HBO’s standout new series Euphoria earned one of Hollywood’s greatest actors’ praise. Leonardo Dicaprio just confessed that he’s a fan of the show.

“I just saw Euphoria, which is amazing. That show is amazing” he said in an interview with Variety. It was broadcast through social media so word quickly spread about Leo’s fandom.

And because it was Leo who gave the compliment, the series lead Zendaya, who plays Rue Bennett, was quick to react. In a Tweet, all she could manage was a measly “period” with a link to the article. One of her co-stars in the series, Eric Dane, on the other hand, was more eloquent in his response. He said, “Solid Endorsement,” with a link to the video to the Variety interview.

It is indeed a big endorsement because the teen-centric drama has just been endorsed by one of the biggest teen stars to have ever walked the planet. Leo also gave a comment about the streaming industry and its place in the “new normal.”

“We’re entering this age of streaming where things are so immediate And all of a sudden we have a new show, eight episodes of a new brilliant show, that comes on that you can watch almost every other day,” he says in the interview. The main point, however, is to still have that “communal theatrical experience of going to see a great piece of art all together and enjoy it.”

And since he’s so keen on Euphoria, perhaps a cameo or a guest role is in order for the superstar?