A Look Inside Lady Gaga’s Incredible $22.5 Million Home In Malibu

Lady Gaga became one of the biggest names in music seemingly overnight, and being the center of attention all the time meant she needed a space she could be herself. Thankfully, she could afford a massive home in Malibu which she describes as her “sanctuary” and an “oasis of peace.” 

Her “gypsy palace,” as she calls it, is 10,270 square feet, and among its features are a bowling alley from the 1960s. It has everything you could imagine in a fabulous home, including an infinity pool and horse stables. It also boasts some spectacular views, with both mountains and the ocean in sight. 

A Home Fit For A Queen

Gaga hardly has to leave the house to do what she wants. The wine cellar and home theater keep her entertained, along with the guests who have their own cottage. 

A Look Inside Lady Gagas Incredible $22.5 Million Home In Malibu

When you reach her level of fame, you need your own little world to insulate yourself from it all, and Lady Gaga has definitely got that with this estate. Even though it gives us some serious home envy, it is exciting just to look at a house like this!