Elle Fanning is Giving Us Inspiration

Elle Fanning has always seemed to be a child, it’s hard to believe she’s actually a young adult. At 19 years old, she’s been acting for her entire life practically. Her first role was in the 2002 film, I Am Sam and she played a baby. The young star has been delivering magical TV and film performances ever since and even though the characters Fanning plays come off as naïve, they’re never stupid. Sweet, yes, and sometimes a bit delicate, but never weak.

She adds a little extra something to her performances that change our perception and she manages to elevate below-average material like The Neon Demon which came out in 2016. Elle Fanning has also starred in the biopic Mary Shelley and Sofia Coppola’s, The Beguiled. We look forward to what else Elle has in store as she inspires us with her amazing performances.