Celebrities Who Used To Play Hockey


Everybody shoots hoops now and then, and many have dabbled in baseball and football, but hockey is more specialized. While there aren’t as many Hollywood celebrities who have played hockey as there are for other sports, a number of celebs hit the rinks back in the day. 

Let’s see which celebs could have been hockey greats in another lifetime. 

Keanu Reeves

Keanu’s family moved to Canada when he was a kid, and he got into hockey while he was there. His preferred position was as goalie, and he was evidently good at it, because he was given the nickname “The Wall” when he played at De La Salle College, becoming the MVP for the team.

Celebrities Who Used To Play Hockey

Keanu tried out for the Windsor Spitfires in the OHL, and while he never went pro, his golf years helped him break into Hollywood, as his first role was as a goalie in the film Youngblood

Steve Carell

Funnyman Steve Carell isn’t who we think of as the athletic type, but growing up in Boston, the game was a part of his life. He was a goalie, and he was good enough to not only help his team become squirt-level national champions, but also get him on a Division III team at Ohio’s Denison University.

Celebrities Who Used To Play Hockey

Carell could have continued with a hockey career, but he chose to pursue comedy instead. He still loves hockey, though, and not only avidly watches his team the Boston Bruins but also plays in the rec league in California.

Justin Bieber

We all know Justin Bieber is Canadian, so it’s only natural that he has some hockey skills. He likes to play pickup games when he is touring, and in 2017 he played in the NHL All Star Celebrity Shootout.

Celebrities Who Used To Play Hockey

He may not be the best player, but he is a great fan, and he has a killer collection of jerseys, too.

Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton apparently likes playing hockey, as she admitted in an interview where she called it one of her special talents. It may sound like a surprise, but she was actually on the hockey team in high school. 

Celebrities Who Used To Play Hockey

Special talent feels like an overstatement, though, as she was said to be a poor player by her former teammates.