The ‘High School Musical’ Plot Hole That Only Got Revealed Now on Tik Tok

Because most of us have been stuck at home and binge-watching, there’s a deeper level of scrutiny and nitpicking that we can do on old classics. Harry Potter fans, for example, are shocked to rewatch a scene that nobody seems to remember from the first time they saw the film. People who binged on Gossip Girl, on the other hand, pointed out a hilarious wardrobe malfunction.

Even the beloved High School Musical wasn’t safe. In one of the latter scenes, Vanessa Hudgen’s character was struggling a little bit with stage fright. So comes in Zac Efrons character to help her through it by giving her short pep talk and leading her into the song.

This was a powerful scene. However, Tik Tok users pointed out that Zac Efron singing the first part of the duet would ruin the song and thus further make it difficult for Vanessa Hudgen’s character to concentrate on nailing her notes. It was her character who was supposed to begin the song and Zac Efron ruined it by basically stealing her part. 

Fans, however, came to the movie’s defense. “To calm her nerves he started to sing to her and she started getting comfortable. Nothing wrong with that,” one Tik Tok user said. Others, on the other hand, just begged people to stop poking holes in their beloved High School Musical.