Gossip Girl’s Fashion Mishap

Gossip Girl may have ended years ago, but eagle-eyed binge-watchers are still on the lookout for fresh gossip from Blake Lively’s Seren Van Der Woodsen, and they found it alright. Tik Tok users who binge-watched the show during the lockdown just noticed a huge wardrobe inconsistency in one episode of the show.

The ever-fabulous Serena was wearing a body-hugging dress for the 4th episode of the 6th season. It was such a beautiful dress that audiences seem to have missed that she was wearing sweatpants over it. It’s a very un-Serena-like fashion statement, so we’re guessing it was an error.

One commenter who claims to have worked on the show on that episode says that the dress ripped during filming so they had to cover it up somehow. The sweatpants were the director’s best solution.

Perhaps time will tell whether this version of the story is true because Blake hasn’t commented about it yet.