Why Fiber-Rich Foods are the Way to Go

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When we talk about health, we talk a lot about different things – protein, fat, cholesterol, and more. One thing that’s spoken about a lot is fiber. It’s creeped into our consciousness – high fiber = good, but what does that really mean?

We break it down for you here, plus some great ideas for incorporating more fiber-rich foods into your diet.

Fiber-Rich Foods what is fiber

What is fiber? Fiber is found in plant-based foods, and passes through the body easily, with little change to your digestive system. While that might not sound good at first glance, it means that it helps your body digest foods better, and leaves little caloric impact. Also known as roughage, it is broken down into two categories – soluble and insoluble. Most foods that contain fiber contain both types.

Did you know that fiber is great for lung health? More on the next page!

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