What You Can Learn From This Famous Introvert

Emma Watson teaches us that even in a profession like acting which traditionally attracts extroverts, there isn’t just one personality type that can lead to success and that even those in the limelight sometimes need to be able to recharge in solitude. She has mentioned that people praise her for not being a crazy party girl, especially in an industry which promotes excess and indulgence, but in fact, she’s not trying to achieve an image as a sensible ‘non-party girl,’ but instead, she’s just naturally an introvert who isn’t into being hyper-social all the time.

She also mentions that growing up in the spotlight she initially struggled a lot with “reconciling how you feel about yourself with how the rest of the world perceives you.” Emma says that when she spends time alone, she gets the opportunity to write, draw, and do other things that bring her peace and happiness. Emma teaches us that embracing your introverted qualities can lead you to find a lifestyle balance that feels right and easy for you.