Do You Need a Detox?

Cut out that junk!
detox from junk food

The first step in a detox is deciding what you will be detoxing from, and what you will be feeding yourself. The general idea is to lighten the load your bodies deal with by removing foods that contain large levels of “toxins”. Those foods can be dairy products, processed foods, wheat, and many other things besides.

While many of us think of “detoxing” as a scary process of drinking of nothing but juice and chewing on wheatgrass, it really just means making a concerted effort to keep your diet free of unhealthy foods. It isn’t realistic to expect everyones diets to be perfectly clean 100% of the time, but a week of eating that way is both achievable and a good way to help your body operate smoothly.

The next step is putting detoxifying foods into your body. Hopefully, by removing foods that can jam your detoxification systems, and replacing them with foods that help, you can really clear out your system and feel recharged, refreshed, and energized.

Why should you detox?

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