Celebrities Who Own Sports Franchises

When you get rich and famous, where do you go when you get tired of buying yachts and collecting art? Many celebrities turn to sports teams, becoming part owners of franchises.

Many entertainers secretly wish they were athletes, and vice versa, so it makes sense that they would get involved. Let’s look at celebrities who have a hand in sports franchises.

Justin Timberlake

If you had said in the late 90s that Justin Timberlake would still be around, many would have rolled their eyes. However, Timberlake has proven them wrong, and adding to his list of successes and awards is becoming a minority owner of a sports team.

Celebrities Who Own Sports Franchises

As part owner of his hometown team the Memphis Grizzlies, Timberlake represents his team to many in Memphis as well as around the country. 

Will Smith

Will Smith has it all, and when you have it all, you buy a sports team. He and his wife Jada Pinkett Smith decided to get into the world of sports team ownership with the Philadelphia 76ers, buying a minority stake in the team in 2011. Coming from Philly, it’s a great way for Smith to pay tribute to his hometown.

Celebrities Who Own Sports Franchises

Along with Smith, some of the team’s other co-owners are Joshua Harris, Adam Aron and David Blitzer. It is good for a team to have a famous ambassador to them like Big Will.

The Group Of Celebs Who Own The Miami Dolphins

The Dolphins have an interesting history, and in 2009, Stephen Ross became owner of 95% of the team. The rest of it is owned by a slew of famous names.

Celebrities Who Own Sports Franchises

Some of the names that you would know are Venus and Serena Williams, Fergie from the group Black Eyed Peas, Emilio and Gloria Estefan, and Marc Anthony.