Celeb Couples Who Met Online

Dating apps are so common today that even celebrities are using them. Using apps can be just as messy and chaotic for celebrities as it is for the rest of us, and perhaps even more so for them as they will get more matches than most people. 

It isn’t just dating apps where celebrities meet online, but also through social media like Twitter and Instagram. Let’s look at three celebrity couples who came together online. 

Amy Schumer & Ben Hanisch

It’s been rumored that Amy Schumer met Ben Hanisch on Bumble, but those rumors have been shot down by Amy. It appears they actually met on Raya, which is a more exclusive private membership based service, and it is a favorite for the rich and famous to look for love.

Celeb Couples Who Met Online

Hanisch and Schumer only lasted a few years, but the two have stayed friendly with each other. Schumer dropped some references here and there in her act as well as on Instagram, but otherwise she has remained quiet on the topic of their breakup.

Amber Rose & Wiz Khalifa

Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose were a much talked about couple when they were together, but despite having a child, the relationship was not built to last. The origin story of their relationship is a charming one, as it was actually thanks to Twitter, which is not usually where relationships start up.

Celeb Couples Who Met Online

It began when rapper Khalifa mentioned in an interview that he had a crush on Rose, who had gotten famous from her relationship with Kanye West. She saw that and took the initiative to reach out to Khalifa on Twitter, as she liked him as well. It all worked out, so maybe Twitter is underrated as a dating platform after all!

Taylor Goldsmith & Mandy Moore

Mandy Moore is a fan of the band Dawes, and she posted on Instagram about how much she liked their album from 2015 called All Your Favorite Bands. The group’s singer and guitarist Taylor Goldsmith saw her post on Instagram and decided to contact her about it.

Celeb Couples Who Met Online

After that, they kept sending each other messages about how much they liked each other’s work, and soon enough they grew to like each other personally. They met in person and started dating, and then got engaged and married. It goes to show that if you like someone’s work, you should let them know! Needless to say, Moore and Goldsmith are both big fans of Instagram, as they owe a lot to it.