Cardi B’s Salad Eating Technique Gets a Nod of Approval from Her Fans

Celebrities are just like normal people too. As such they have their own sets of quirks that nobody else has.

Cardi B for example, unwittingly set social media abuzz with one of her Tik Tok videos. This is because she had a peculiar way of eating her salad. For one thing, she eats the ingredients individually. In the video, viewers noticed that she only eats one piece of the salad at any given moment. 

Another thing that made her so unique is that she doesn’t even bother eating her salads with a fork. But she’s not at all messy while eating as one would expect. That’s because she’s found a nice alternative. Instead of a fork, she picks up her salad with the tips of extra-long nails.

Her unique way of eating has her fans wanting more of the rapper’s unusual eating habits. One person even joked, “That’s because she’s living in 3020”.