Billie Eilish Is A Huge Fan Of The Office


Billie Eilish is definitely one of the most interesting singers around today. Despite finding huge success, she has stayed true to herself, and received great critical acclaim in the process, and at her young age she already has many Grammys and even a Bond theme under her belt.

Despite the moodiness of her music, she has a good sense of humor, and she is a huge fan of the show The Office. She has apparently seen it at least 13 times, and she once said, “the thing that makes me feel at home is having The Office, “ adding that the show “has kind of always been my like, kind of, escape from stuff.”

The Office Reference In “My Strange Addiction”

If you hear Billie’s song “My Strange Addiction,” you’ll hear some dialogue from the show. It comes from the episode “Threat Level Midnight,” where they are commenting on a movie that they made. Billie said the song she made reminded her of a song in the episode, and she also said the office qualifies as her strange addiction, so it was fitting. 

Billie Eilish Is A Huge Fan Of The Office

The love Billie has for The Office is mutual. She needed to get approval from the cast members to use their voices, and they were thrilled. “This is a banger,” B.J. Novak said, and the co-executive producer of the show Daniel Chun said he loved it as well. The strongest praise came from the show’s song producer Even Nelson, who was a fan even before, and called the song “brilliant” and Billie “one of the finest young artists of today.”

Billie Made A Video With Rainn Wilson

Billie got together with Rainn Wilson to do a video with Billboard.

Billie Eilish Is A Huge Fan Of The Office

In addition to chatting, Billie was quizzed on the show by Rainn, and she held her own answering questions about the show as she proved her Office fan credentials.