Did You Know Amanda Seyfried Is Obsessed with Taxidermy?

Amanda Seyfried is Fascinated by Taxidermy

While I don’t know when exactly Amanda Seyfried started collecting taxidermy, what I’m sure of is that her weird fascination with the art of stuffed dead animals is well-known enough in the entertainment world to merit random gifts of stuffed animals from her directors.

This is exactly what Seth McFarlane did after directing her in Ted and Ted 2. In a way, it’s an apt gift because the movie that they worked on together was about a stuffed toy bear that came to life.

Collecting these kinds of things, however, is still a bit unusual. She even names each and every single item in her collection. In an interview, she reveals: “I get a lot of stuff from Deyrolle, the taxidermy store in Paris. Of course, I have a stuffed raccoon – who doesn’t? I have a miniature zebra Seth MacFarlane bought me, and a baby horse, but that’s the biggest I’ll go to. They’re twice the size of my dog Finn, and they’re called Kevin Sparkle and Antoine Woodberry.”

But she also has other hobbies that most of us can probably get on board as well.

She loves to paint. In every home that she owns, she makes sure that there’s a spot dedicated to her painting hobby.