5 Most Talked-About Songs From Taylor Swift’s New Album “Midnights”

We can count on Taylor Swift to create some major buzz with each new album and her latest LP Midnights certainly didn’t disappoint. She broke the internet once again with the release of her new record and here are five songs that got everyone talking.

“Lavender Haze”

“Lavender Haze” invited Swift’s fans to her Midnights era and many of them are describing it as her very best opener and wishing she would open the tour with this song, as well.


The album’s lead single “Anti-Hero” knocked it out of the park with its relatable lyrics, but fans also couldn’t stop discussing its hilarious music video and the origin of the puzzling “sometimes I feel like everybody is a s–y baby” line.

“Vigilante S—t”

Swifties had a feeling that “Vigilante S—t” will be an epic bop ever since the singer announced its title and what she delivered is another amazing revenge anthem.

“High Infidelity”

If you’ve seen countless viral tweets trying to figure out where Taylor Swift was on April 29th, it turns out one line from this song is to blame for them.

“Snow on the Beach” ft. Lana Del Rey

“Snow on the Beach” is the only collaboration on Midnights, but most fans were left a little bit puzzled by this song because they could barely hear Lana Del Rey’s vocals.