10 Delicious Ways to Add More Ginger into Your Life

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We’ve talked a bit here about the health benefits of gingeras an anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and to treat nausea. Now, we’re bringing you the best ways to add it to your diet! From teas to cakes to meats, there are more ways to enjoy this superfood than there are days in the year. Here are ten of the best, easiest ways to enjoy this spicy, delicious food.

Ginger packs a flavor punch, with a slightly spicy, almost peppery taste that is still sweet and a bit lemony. It takes well to many preparations: cooked, pickled, steeped, grated and eaten raw, and more. To start you off, here’s my favorite winter drink: ginger tea.

1. Ginger Tea

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To make ginger tea, simply take some sliced ginger root, lemons, honey and hot water. You can grate the ginger or steep it in slices, bring it to a boil over the stove, or simply add it to the water. Add as much lemon and honey as you like. If you want to get extra cozy, try a shot of whiskey with your drink!

Pickle your ginger!

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